A multi-disciplined designer with a wide range of experience gathered from clients around the world, currently based in Essex, England.

I was born in Athens, Greece and grew up on a small island in the Saronic gulf. I moved to Colchester when I was five and as a boy my identity was a true tug-of-war (maybe not so dramatic, but sun does beat rain)  between the dusty olive groves of my father’s homeland, and the England of my mother’s.

My interest in design started while dreaming of white-washed towns and azure seas sitting in a Colchester classroom. Greece as a country and a culture has a strong aesthetic identity that unites its past with its present and its traditions with its geography. Whether it’s the blue and white colour palette of its flag, buildings and oceans to the laurel wreath emblem of Piraeus’ Olympiakos football team (no excuse needed for me to talk about Olympiakos) that harks back to the ancient Olympic Games. 

It was this initial fascination with Greece’s DNA of design that inspired me to pursue a career as a graphic designer. As I’ve developed my inspirations have expanded and I have gained much from living in countries such as Greece, Germany and Holland as well as the UK. These experiences coupled with a never ending thirst to learn have shaped the person and designer I am today.